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Intramural Basketball Rules

Basketball Intramural Rules:



-Teams must be made of 5 - 10 players.  

-Teams should plan on arriving early to warm-up and to put their lineups into the game books.  

-Players are NOT allowed to switch jerseys (this will also help with keeping accurate player stats).  

-Each team player must have their own jersey prior to playing.  

-Teams that plan on providing their own jerseys must have a 4" inch number on the front and an 8" inch number on back of the jersey.

-Team names should be entered in numerical order on the score sheets 5 minutes prior to game time.



-Games will be scheduled at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 and 9:00pm. Monday - Thursday.   

-Teams must have a minimum of four players by the designated time or forfeit procedures will begin.  

-When possible forfeit clocks will begin at the scheduled time, otherwise the clock will begin when the previous games ends.  

-One point will be awarded for every thirty (30) seconds until the team has four players, or 15 minutes is up.  

-At the time a team has enough players the game clock will stop, it will NOT be reset, and the game will start with the time remaining on the clock.  

-After 15 minutes the game is forfeited.  

-Teams forfeiting two games will be eliminated from the tournament and possibly the league.

-All games will be played with two (2) eighteen (18) minute halves.  

-Stop time will be the last two (2) minutes of each half.  

-Each team will have two (2) full time-outs and one (1) 30 second time-out.   



-A high level of sportsmanship is expected from all players.  

-Please remember that the reason for playing is to have fun, build lasting friendships, get some exercise, and play the game of basketball.  

-Players arguing, complaining, gesturing, slamming or throwing the ball in disgust, attempting to injure another player, etc., will be given technical fouls and possible ejection from the game.  

-After ejection, the player must leave the gym within one (1) minute or their team will forfeit the game.

-Any player that is ejected from a game is ineligible to participate in their next scheduled match. They cannot participate in any game until meeting with the Athletic Director, David Jardine. 

-If a warning has already been issued to the offending player and his captain and further problems occur, both the player and captain may be ejected from the match or season.

-2 technical fouls, cursing, fighting, attempting to injure another player, etc.., will result in player ejection.

-The Athletic Director, David Jardine, or his designee, reserve the right to eject a player even if an official does not.



-After the submission of teams at the organizational meeting, any addition of players must be by permission of the Athletic dir. and will be limited to two (2) for the season.  

-Only in the case of a loss of players due to injury, or something similar, will any more additions be considered. You may not add to your roster during the playoffs. 

-Use of an ineligible player at any time during intramural play will constitute a forfeit for each game the ineligible player participated. A player may fill only one roster spot and participate with only one team.


Additional Rules: 

-Although not in the NCAA rulebook, please do NOT cross at the ends of the courts while play in going on.  Please wait until play has stopped to cross at the ends of the court.

-All rules will be enforced using current Highschool rules guidelines.