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Intramural Softball Rules


Softball Intramural Rules:


Ready to play:  

-When the horn sounds, both teams must have 7 players. If a team cannot field 7 players, they will forfeit one run for every minute or portion thereof until the 7th player arrives.  After 15 minutes the game is forfeited.

-If neither team has 7 players, playing time will expire after 15 minutes has elapsed or until a 7th player shows for one or both teams. 

-If less than 15 minutes have expired and one team gets a 7th player, their opponent will forfeit 1 run per minute until they can field a 7th player or until 15 minutes expires.     

-2 forfeits by any team, drops that team from any further play, league or tournament.     

-If a team does start the game with 7 players these players must be the 1st through 7th batters in the batting order. When it is time for the 8th the 9th and the 10th player to bat, an out is declared for the eighth spot and the next batter would be the 1st batter in the batting order.  

-If the "declared out" is the last out of the inning, an out is declared for the 9th spot in the batting order to start the next inning and the next better would be the 1st batter listed in the batting order. 



-The batting teams supply their own pitcher.  

-Limit 2 pitches per batter unless the 2nd pitch is fouled.  

-Batter must hit one of the three in fair territory or the batter is out. 

-A pitch must be thrown with an arc of at least 6 feet. If under 6 feet the ball will be pronounced dead by the home plate umpire. Two consecutive pitches pronounced dead will result in a strike against the batter.  


Home Runs: 

-Home runs 6 per team limit.  

-Home runs subject to this limit are home runs hit over the fence. 

-If a player hits a ball over the fence after a team has reached its home run limit, the batter is out! 



-If either team is leading by 20 runs after 3 complete innings, or after 2 1/2 innings if the home team is leading, the game is over.      

-Also if either team is leading by 15 runs after 5 complete innings or 4 1/2 innings if the home team is leading, the game is over. 


Field Irregularity:   

-If the ball goes through, or under a home run fence, or past the end of the home run fence, or it goes in the bushes, or rolls onto the road on the field south of the track it is a ground rule double.

 -If a throw goes out of play, such as onto the track, sidewalk, road, or crosses a painted boundary line, all runners are allowed to advance 2 bases from the base they last touched at the time of the THROW


Infield Fly:

-Infield fly = a fair fly ball (not including a line drive) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second bases or first, second, and third bases are occupied before two are out.  

-Any defensive player who positions himself in the infield at the start of the pitch shall be considered an infielder for the purpose of this rule.     

-The ball is alive and runners may advance at the risk of the ball being caught.  

-The runner can tag up and advance once the batted ball is touched (prior to catching), the same as on any fly ball.  

-If a declared infield fly becomes a foul ball, it is treated the same as any foul.  

-The batter runner is out and other runners may proceed at their own risk. 


Intentional Drop:

-When an infielder intentionally drops a fair fly ball, including a line drive which can be caught with ordinary effort with first; first and second; first and third' or first, second, and third bases occupied with fewer than two outs.  

-A trapped ball shall not be considered as having been intentionally dropped.  

-The batter runner is out.  

-The ball is dead, and each runner must return to the last base touched at the time of the pitch.     

-If an infield fly is ruled, it has precedence over an intentionally dropped ball. 


Batting Order:

-All players for a team must bat, and the order must remain the same for the entire game.  

-If a player leaves early his spot in the batting order is skipped without penalty.  

-All players playing defense must be listed first in batting order before any of the extra hitters. 



-Any player may be substituted for and re-enter the game.  

-If an extra hitter substitutes for a starting player, the starting player may continue to bat but his substitute plays defense.  

-When a starter re-enters it must be in the same position in the batting order.  

-A starting player and his substitute or substitutes substitute may not play defense at the same time.  

-Batting order may NOT BE CHANGED! 


Tie Breaker Rule:  

-In the 8th inning, place the person making the last out in the 7th inning on 2nd base.  

-If the score is still tied after 8 full innings, in every subsequent inning the person making the last out in the previous inning will start the inning as a runner on 3rd base. 



-If a runner is injured while on the base path and cannot continue, a temporary runner may run for the injured player.  

-The person having made the last out previous to the injury is required to be that runner.  

-If the injured player returns to the game on defense he must run for himself during his next bat.