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Andrews University Intramural Sports and Recreation


Intramural Sports

For everyone who enjoys the excitement of friendly and fun competition, the intramural sports program offers a variety of competitive and recreational opportunities. The intramural sports program encourages all students, faculty, staff and alumni to come together and fellowship in a Christ centered environment.


How to Sign Up

All intramural rosters must be submitted online to the Intramural office by the entry deadline. Each captain or team representative is responsible for attending the mandatory Captains' meeting. Please see the Captains' meeting schedule below.

Online Team Registration


Contact us for more information

Department of Student Activities and Athletics

Athletic Director: David Jardine                        

Email: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions about the Intramural program.

Q - Who can participate in intramural sports?

All current full-time students and part-time students of Andrews University are eligible to participate in all Intramural Sports activities offered during the semester of their enrollment.

All full-time faculty and staff employed by Andrews University are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports Activities. Spouses of full-time faculty and staff are eligible to participate.

Alumni that have received a diploma from this institution are eligible to participate. Alumni must provide proof of medical insurance and sign the liability wavier posted online. A participation fee of $35 dollars must be paid prior to entry into the Intramural program.  

Alumni Liability Waiver


Q - What can I do if I do not have enough people to form a team?

Any individual(s) who has trouble finding enough people to form a team must complete the Free Agent form online and attend the mandatory Captains' meeting.  Free agents will have the opportunity to speak with the Captains' still in need of players. If there are enough Free Agents a team may be formed comprised of all Free Agents. There is no guarantee that by submitting a Free Agent form that an individual will be picked up or placed on a team.

Free Agent online registration


Q - Is there anything that I need to bring with me to the games?

All participants are required to present current/valid identification prior to participation. Individuals who fail to present their ID cannot participate. NO ID, NO PLAY!!!


Q - Where is the Intramural Office located?

The Intramural Office is located within the Student Life Office of the Campus Center located just below the cafeteria.

The Athletic Directors Office is located in room 103 of the Johnson Gymnasium.

2017-2018 Intramural Captains' Meeting Schedule
Tuesday 9/05/17 8:00 PM Softball Johnson Gym Balcony
Tuesday 9/05/17 8:30 PM Outdoor Soccer Johnson Gym Balcony
Monday 10/02/17 8:00 PM Flag-Football Johnson Gym Balcony
Tuesday 1/16/18 8:00 PM Volleyball Johnson Gym Balcony
Tuesday 1/16/18 8:30 PM Indoor Soccer Johnson Gym Balcony
Monday 03/05/18 8:00 PM Basketball Johnson Gym Balcony


Note: All teams must have a representative attend the scheduled captains' meeting. Teams without representation at the captains' meeting will not be permitted to participate in the requested Intramural sport.

Alumni insurance waivers must be completed and submitted to the Intramural Office prior to participation. An Alumni intramural fee of $35 must be collected by the captain and submitted to the Intramural Office prior to participation.